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Edited my personal info (deviant ID) section. Kind of wish I'd done that a long time ago. So much of what was there was written ages ago, back when I was younger and more ridiculous and didn't really know how to summarize my interests. But anyway, I've cleaned it up quite a bit and changed some info, so if you're interested, feel free to have a look. 

Had to get a new computer very recently because my old one was actually my mom's old one. Needless to say, it was pretty old, and one day a few weeks ago it just decided to stop holding a charge. So that's part of why I've been lacking in new deviations lately. Also I lost my best flash drive again, which has a lot of my materials on it. Once I find that, it'll be easier. In the meantime I'll try to post some photos and maybe some lit. stuff.

I'm really trying to get a new chapter of Crimson Triforce up, too. I know I keep saying that, and I do mean it each time I say it. It's just that other things get in the way and I forget. Or, sometimes, I end up not feeling like writing anything when it actually comes to mind. Plus I'm having a bit of writer's block, so that doesn't help either. But I promise I will start getting more chapters up relatively soon. Please just bear with me. :iconpleeaseplz:

Anyway, that's the update for the day. See you guys soon. :iconpinkheartplz:
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Various songs on itunes (Heroes by Alesso, atm)
  • Reading: Michael Scott's Alchemyst series/other books
  • Watching: King of the Hill/Markiplier LPs
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts: CoM/LoZ Twilight Princess/etc.
  • Eating: Oreos
  • Drinking: Milk/Grape juice


LyricalAutumnWind's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm random, helpful, friendly, a little bit crazy, creative, obsessive, and smart (though I don't always act like it.)

I love food, nature, anime, video games, and collecting all kinds of stuff. I like a lot of stuff, actually. More than I really think you feel like reading. But feel free to ask!

I sometimes have a temper, and it gets me into trouble. I also get depressed sometimes, but I'm always able to bounce back after a little time. I love people and animals (sometimes one more than the other,) and I love to try new things and just generally enjoy life.

I love photography~! :iconskyandnatureclub:

Music: Pretty much everything. I'm a bit picky about certain genres, but for the most part my tastes in music are all-inclusive.

Books: ...Let's do this the easy way: I'll just put it plainly and say I am a MAJOR bookworm. Literature is one of my drugs. I can't list favorites in books or poetry because I have read way too many to count and I like too many different things to choose favorites.

Anime/Manga: Everything from Mahou Shoujo to Horror to Yuri/Yaoi to Shounen. To list a few examples:
Tokyo Mew Mew, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Zatch Bell, DragonBallZ, Trinity Blood, The Slayers, Crimson Spell, etc.

Movies: Ah, let's see...
Fantasy, SciFi stuff, Horror/Suspense, Comedy, some RomComs, some Action, Classic Disney movies, the works of Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, etc.
Examples include the Harry Potter series, LoTR, Mean Girls, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Matilda, The Happening, Van Helsing, Hocus Pocus, Aladdin, Spirited Away, etc.

TV: Same as Movies, as well as certain networks like: History Channel, Discovery, NatGeo, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and so on. Feel free to ask for specifics.

I LOVE Courage the Cowardly Dog.


Food & Drinks: A lot of things, really. I love food. XD Primary favorites include pizza, peanut butter, and anything with chicken in it.

Color(s): Purple, blue, and grey/silver.

Animals: I love pretty much all animals. All-time faves include canines of all sorts, octopi, jellyfish, geckos, horses, otters, leopards, turtles/tortoises, bats, snakes, bunnies, and frogs.

Hobbies: I love to learn new things (especially about other cultures), go camping, play with my dogs, hang with friends, listen to music, do stuff online, play video games, color (it's a great creative outlet), explore the outdoors, doodle, daydream for hours on end, read, write, and watch/read/play/collect/obsess about/roleplay all kinds of things.

So, in summary, I'm a strange, complex, social (yet introverted) person who has many interests and loves to make new friends. Feel free to chill on my page, talk to me, look through my stuff and my faves, and even look me up on other sites.

Youtube: Lyrica Silvan
Gaia Online: Lyrical Zephyr

Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams


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